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Tyranny of a local majority

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The purpose of our Bill of Rights was to protect the rights of any minority against the tyranny of the majority.

In the current impeachment attack, this is clearly not the case! For anyone who was associated with the president politically and has to go to trial with the jury poll of “your peers” in Washington, D.C. and its environs, there is such a majority tyranny. So far, at least six associates of President Trump have either received harsh sentences, or been forced to submit to the potential tyranny against them and their families of a jury trial in the D.C. area.

The Democratic Party voting block in the D.C. area is often 85 to 90 percent. Thus, if you are unlucky enough to get called before a Democratic-majority Congress committee, and you are conservative, you should be terrified! Any slip or failure to recollect could, in vindictive Congressional hands, threaten your freedom if charged with an offense in D.C.

Roger Stone’s conviction for lying to Congress this past week was a scary example. The 67-year-old Stone was a long-time friend of the president. Although in no job of importance, he was given to boasting. He appeared on a radio show interviewed by a host who was a friend. On the show, Stone boasted something which caught the ear of an impeachment investigator. Stone and the host were called to testify. Stone joked that they should do some action done in the movie Godfather. The impeachment tribunal called this tampering, with the potential host as a witness. Stone was tried before a D.C. court and convicted of this, along with six other similarly frivolous charges and faces the rest of his life in prison.

I am a disabled war veteran from a Gold Star family. I have been a lawyer for 60 years with a flawless record. Yet, if I were called to testify before a hostile Congressional body, I would be terrified of this tyranny-of-the-majority situation.

Jerry Kraft

Manor, Texas