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A miracle or just another coincidence

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I was not born into faith, so I did not get the head start of many others in the faith. There were mixed religions in my family so I acquired knowledge, and eventually wisdom, before I had any opportunity to faith. I went to a high school of science were faith and religion were regarded for others. I acquired a degree in the physical sciences and served in the Korean War. I have been an attorney for 60 years in the area of data processing and related science and technology.

As I have reflected on the meaning of humanity, i.e. us, two things have become clear to me: the more that I have learned in science, the less that I seem to understand; and if we are to survive the greed and evil surrounding us, there has to be a God.

While I am not with faith, I have been regularly attending church to reflect in an atmosphere of God. Consider the question of evolution. Both science and religion look to the heavens—science (empirically) by what they physically see with telescopes and the like, or religion by what faith tells them has passed or through faith in the heavens and God.

However, does the individual actually see and understand the scientific evidence of evolution? No! The individual needs the learned scientist to interpret and guide what was observed. Is this not unlike the individual seeking faith who needs an expert: the pastor, priest, rabbi to interpret and guide towards faith.

A recent newspaper story reported a finding of astronomers and mathematicians who found empirical evidence in observed movement of stars and bodies which provided very important data in support of scientific evolution. The state of the observed stars in the telescope had travelled billions and billions of light-years to the instant that was viewed in the telescope.

In order to accept such cosmic events which are travelling billions of light years to the telescope, we have to rely on the few scientific experts who interpret what the events signify in the proof of scientific evolution. If one of these experts asked you or me to look into the telescope, we would only see changes in the stars and other heavenly bodies. We are asked to accept the word of these scientific experts that what we are viewing confirms their theory of evolution.

Is not this just like the proofs of biblical evolution? Our experts or guides, the pastor, priest or rabbi, helps us to understand the events. He shows us how we may understand and accept biblical events. Without these biblical experts, many events which would support the teaching of our Bible would not be clear to a great many of us.

We should also note that our biblical experts strive to show the congregants how to achieve our own individual understanding through the acquisition of faith. The scientific experts require that we must continually rely only on their knowledge.

I wish to offer a personal family experience on this. In 1919, the brutal Communist movement was taking over Russia. All young men were either being shot, imprisoned or drafted into the Red Army. My father, with help from relatives in the U.S., was trying to escape. He was carrying U.S. dollars, which were smuggled to him. He was caught with the dollars by two Red soldiers. They lined him up against a train car. They raised and clicked their rifles and were about to fire. At that instant, a horse cart rolled over the nearby hill.

One of the soldiers yelled, “Look, the tea wagon. Remember yesterday, those Ukrainian pigs ate all of the kolaches.” With that, both soldiers, rifles and all, ran towards the tea wagon. This left my father still standing alone! He ducked under the train, ran away and eventually reached America.

People of science would say what a happy coincidence, what luck. People of the Bible would accept this as a miracle from God. If that tea wagon was less than a minute later, I would non-exist, as would three children, three grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

So I must ask myself: am I here because of a happy coincidence in a chain of an infinite number of coincidences over billions of years, or do I exist because God made a miracle?

Jerry Kraft

Manor, Texas